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Solution To Increase Your Brain Is Brain Gym

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Brain Gym is a training program developed by prof. paul E. Dennison, Ph.D. and Gail E.Dennison since 1970. This program was originally designed to cope with learning disorders in children and adults. Rationale, learning is natural and enjoyable activity done throughout life.Learning difficulties are usually derived from the inability to cope with stress and doubt in the face of new tasks.
Here are six basic movement exercises your brain to train when and where it is quoted from Brain Gym, Paul E. Dennison PhD, Gail E. Dennison, publisher PT.Grasindo :

1. Cross Movement How to: Foot and hand propelled the opposite. Able to front, side, or rear. to be more cheerful you can align the movement with music. Benefits: stimulates the brain that receives information (receptive) and parts that use information (expressive) to facilitate the process of learning new things and improve memory.

2. Pelvic rocking How to: Sit on the floor. The position of the hand to the back, rested on the floor with elbows bent. Raise your legs slightly and then swerved to the left hip-olengkan and to the right to relax. Benefit: activate the brain for learning ability, look to the left and right, the ability of attention and understanding.

3. Energy charger How to: Sit comfortably in a chair, both forearm and forehead in place on the table. Hand placed in front of the shoulders with fingers facing slightly inward. When the breath, feel the breath flowing to the center line as the shower energy, lifting the forehead, neck, upper back and the last. Diaphragm and chest open and shoulders remain relaxed. Benefits: To restore the vitality of the brain after an exhausting series of activities, away from stress, improve concentration and attention and to improve the ability to understand and think rationally.

4. Yawning-energy How to: Open your mouth as if to yawn and then massage the muscles around the jaw joints.Then menguaplah with sound to relax those muscles. Benefits: Enables the brain to increase oxygen to the brain to function efficiently and relax, improve attention and power of vision, memperbiki oral and expressive communication and enhance the ability to sort information.

5. Glide gravity How to: Sit in a chair and cross your legs. Bow your body forward with arms down. Exhale when down and take a breath when it rises. Do with the position of alternate feet. Benefit: Enables the brain a sense of balance and coordination, improved ability to organize and improve energy.

6. Draw button How To: Touch two fingers behind her ears, in a curve behind the ear while the other hand touching the navel for approximately 30 minutes.

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